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Stormfront Retail Ltd - Your local Apple expert

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Whether you’re upgrading your iPod, seeking a new iPad, buying some cool accessories or fed up with your old PC and want to test-drive the award-winning Macintosh computer, Stormfront will provide you with everything you need. With retail stores nationwide, we are your local Apple expert.

Showcasing the full Apple product line in a customer-friendly environment, Stormfront are renowned for providing outstanding customer service. Whether you are a consumer or professional customer, you will enjoy friendly, knowledgeable advice and support at a store conveniently located near you.

What we do

Stormfront Business Service


Stormfront recognises the importance of implementing the right solution for your business. We offer a wide range of services suited to your needs.

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Stormfront Support Service

Service Centre

As one of the UK's largest Apple Authorised Service Providers, you can be assured that you and your products are in safe hands.

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Stormfront Training Service


With over 130 one hour sessions to choose from, you can learn something new every day with Stormfronts personaltrainer service.

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Stormfront retail store

Test drive Apple's award-winning product range

Apple Premium Resellers transform your buying experience for both new and existing Apple customers. Providing hands-on demonstrations, excellent product / software knowledge and advice, plus pre and after-sales support, training, customer finance programs, events and special promotions.

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Exeter service centre

Stormfront have excellent product knowledge

Apple Premium Reseller employees are professionally trained and can provide specialist advice. Whether you need a computer for your own family, at home or work, you are guaranteed help and advice to make the right choice. Advanced customers can also benefit from specialist and training in music, photography, video and publishing.

Premium Resellers have all the latest Apple products including the iPod family, the full range of Apple Mac computers and a wide range of complimentary third party products and accessories.