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By measuring from your feet, NURVV Run gives unrivalled insights into your running

Unique running insights

The NURVV Run system uses pressure insoles and motion sensors to measure the most important aspects of your running technique right from the source of action - your feet

Real-time coaching

NURVV Run measures your running form in real-time to provide a variety of live coaching experiences

Manage injury risk

NURVV Run uses form and load metrics from all of your recent runs to generate your Running Health score, indicating your level of injury risk with suggestions on how to improve

  • 16 high-precision sensors for each foot capture data at the point of action
  • Multi-sensor trackers record your run with world-leading accuracy
  • Real-time monitoring generates metrics with live audio and visual cues
  • Running Health helps you to manage and improve injury risk
  • Daily Run recommendation to maintain your optimal fitness
  • Lightweight trackers (22g each) with IP67 rating, giving full protection against dust, mud, sweat and water
  • Long lasting innersoles built to last over the duration of 3 pairs of running shoes
  • Soft, light and breathable. Designed to fit comfortably in any running shoe and with any custom insole
  • Supports four ways to run: Garmin, Apple Watch, phone or in standalone mode with NURVV Run only
  • Connects to Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor to provide live HR zone cues during your run and a comprehensive report on your heart rate after
  • 5+ hours of operation on a single charge
  • Distance, Time, Pace, Splits, Elevation, Calories
  • Cadence, Step Length, Footstrike, Pronation, Balance
  • Unique Running Health Score
  • Unique Run Score
  • Daily run recommendation
  • iOS: 12 or above (iPhone 6s or above)
  • Android™: 6.0 or above
  • Apple Watch Series 3 or above
  • ANT+ (Garmin, Suunto and others)
  • Strava
  • Apple Health
  • Bluetooth headphones/earbuds for live in-run cues
  • Can also be used phone-free


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