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A revolutionary teaching and learning device only from Apple.

Learning - iPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other educational tool - on a device that students really want to use.

Teaching - iPad is an amazing teaching tool, providing educators access to a world of 1,000s of education apps, multi-touch books and learning resources.

1 to 1 - An iPad for every student allows for learning to happen in immersive and innovative ways not seen before.

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apple iPad
apple iPad


A better computer for teaching. Inside and out.

Mac - With fast Intel processors, advanced graphics and batteries lasting up to 7 hours on a single charge, Mac computers deliver amazing performance for any task.

Software - We supply from Apple, Microsoft and Adobe ensuring your students are using industry grade tools, preparing them for the years ahead.

OS X Server - The best choice for Mac and iOS device management. Email, contact & calendar server in addition to files services and blog.

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How to Buy

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To find out how Stormfront can help your institution implement amazing teaching and learning solutions contact our nationwide education team. To discuss your plans, arrange a meeting or request a quotation.

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We accept valid purchase orders from all schools and colleges upon completion of an account application form. Orders will only be accepted with a valid purchase order. We are unable to accept requisition orders.

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We accept school or Local Authority cheques as well as BACS/CHAPS payments.

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Stormfront can offer your institution a wide range of financing solutions including those that comply with Local Authority funding regulations.

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