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Holmesdale Technology College

Holmesdale Technology College embrace handheld learning with Apple.

Already a proponent of the iPhone within the institution, Holmesdale Technology College in Kent saw the potential of iPad expanding the learning experience.

From interactive lessons, study aids and productivity tools there’s something for all of their 930 students. Holmesdale provides leading edge teaching and learning in information and communication technology, electronics and engineering using world class software and state of the art facilities. Holmesdale formed a Federation with The Malling School in 2007, enabling the provision of a much broader curriculum as well as shared practices between the schools.

Having used the iPhone as their communication tool of choice, the Federation’s Senior Management Team have benefitted first hand from Apple’s revolutionary technology. With built in Microsoft Exchange support and apps such as Skype available on the App Store, travelling between the two schools has been greatly reduced.

Following its release in early 2010, Holmesdale took their first delivery of iPad. With their primary use in the college’s library, they quickly became popular with students. As a subscriber to the Accelerated Reader programme, the reading and literacy skills of students in years 7-9 are monitored and tracked. As they successfully progress through their reading programme they are given the opportunity to continue their reading titles on iPad. This has proved to be a great motivator and with 90% of the books in the Accelerated Reader programme available as PDFs (which can be read using the free iBooks app), the iPad has become particularly sought after by students.

Outside of the classroom, the versatile iPad has been put to use as the source for an outdoor projection at a recent open day using the video output feature. In addition, the college purchased the ParaPro case which has made synchronising content to the devices as simple as managing a single device. Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility has been utilised to create management profiles for both the college’s and students own iPads, iPhones and iPod touch.

Allowing student’s to bring in their own mobile devices is a smart move with Apple’s increasing market share in handheld devices, the college can continue to provide a safe and secure digital environment with the enterprise tools available.

"With 90% of the books in the Accelerated Reader programme available as PDFs (which can be read using the free iBooks app), the iPad has become particularly sought after by students."

Alongside the banks of iPod touch available for cross curricular subjects and MacBooks for video editing and green-screen projects, Holmesdale really are embracing Apple’s digital learning environment.

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Visual curation and collaboration of ideas and resources from the web.

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Create iBooks right on the iPad to demonstrate their knowledge or create revision material.

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Create augmented reality actions that appear when you use the app and hover over the selected image.