Case Study

St. Martin's Primary School

New school, new technology for St Martin's C of E Primary and Nursery School.

St Martin's C of E Primary and Nursery School was experiencing a turbulent time, yet thanks to a new building and a new approach to technology, a brighter future now lies ahead.

St Martin's moved from being a small village school in which there was a huge amount of disruptive behaviour, to a new establishment built to serve a new town that will ultimately have capacity for 450 pupils.

We were experiencing a number of issues including struggling to engage the children in learning," says Tania Beard, head teacher and person responsible for deciding on IT provision for the new school.

Since moving to the new school we have installed Apple technology throughout with high definition TV screens linked to an Apple TV box, teaching MacBooks and iPads.

From the word go Stormfront have had a very professional approach, were really interested in what we wanted to achieve as a school, involved the Apple Education Team in our meetings and arranged for us to attend the Apple Education Conference.

"Stormfront's approach, which involved us visiting another school in the area using Apple technology, was far superior (to that offered by other suppliers)."

St Martin's has utilised iPads to support learning in their school in a number of ways. They use them to film learning taking place; the children use a wide variety of apps to support all curriculum areas, such as Temple Run and Puppet Pals; and they have been used in PE to support children's understanding of what they need to do to improve their performance, e.g. playing back a short film of a game enables them to comment on what they are doing well and what they need to adjust to get even better.

“Through Stormfront, we trialled six iPads at the old school and found that they allowed us to support the children in gaining key skills in creative ways”
Tina Beard, Head Teacher

Tania adds: “As the iPads are linked to the high definition TV screens anything the children create can be put onto the TV – photos they have taken, sounds using the Doodlebug app, work they'd like to share. We have also bought into an eBook reading system (Bug Club by Pearson). By using the Rover app the children can access these books on the iPad and gather bug points by doing the interactive quests.”

“It's so easy to import photos into a slide show and share the children's learning with the parents – they love it! We also hope to create an eLibrary of short films to support teachers in their teaching and help children to understand the importance of good learning behaviour. The names for the files will include Interdependence; Being curious; Asking great questions; Being excited about not knowing; Persevering; and Leading the learning.”

The school's Stormfront contact, John, jointly led a session with an educational specialist on how to use the new systems (MacBooks, school wiki, iPads). John demonstrated how we learn new skills and attitudes to learning so not only did the staff learn how to use the new technology they also gained huge insights into the process of learning which they could use when planning learning experiences for children.

“ John has been an absolute star; we couldn't have achieved all that we have in the school without his patience and support.”
Tina Beard, Head Teacher

Lee (one of Stormfront's engineers) also came in and worked alongside John when setting the systems in place and he was great – even managing to get a makeshift wireless system going because the builders hadn't completed the IT work to the stage that they had said they would.

We will continue to develop our IT as the school increases in size. We are also looking at the possibility of trialling the use of iPods with the younger children and perhaps buying a mixture of iPads and iPods for the FS unit.

Stormfront can advise on how best to purchase, deploy and install apps on your school’s iPads. We can tailor a solution to your needs and assist with the whole process.

Working with hundreds of schools across the UK, Stormfront’s Education Team have the answers to your questions.

We can advise on the implementation of device management for iPad. Manage the installing of apps, access to YouTube as well as centrally configuring network, email and calendar settings.

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