Case Study

St. Peter's Primary School

St Peter-in-Thanet takes leap of faith.

When it came to IT, St Peter-in-Thanet CEJ School was once behind the times. However since undergoing a radical upgrade of its technology, it is now very much leading the way.

With a dated and severely limited computer suite and not enough laptops to go around, the school – based in Broadstairs, Kent – was facing a predicament: to replace all the computers or introduce new technology altogether.

It decided on the latter and, according to ICT Co-ordinator Debbi Spurgin, it was one of the best decisions they ever made, thanks to the expertise and comprehensive support from Stormfront.

We wanted all pupils to have the chance to use a device both in school and at home to improve their learning, while also wanting lessons to be exciting and engaging. Added to this, we needed a device that was easy and intuitive to use.

We'd previously purchased two trolleys of 16 laptops which, although mobile, still had to be timetabled, so we were unsure where to go from there.

The school then became aware of Stormfront and following an initial meeting it soon became clear that they had extensive experience in iPad deployments in education.

“Stormfront were able to offer advice on how to manage large numbers of iPads in schools, which apps schools were using and how to deploy to multiple iPads. They also provided training for teachers which was very important to us.”
Debbi Spurgin, ICT Co-Ordinator

“We'd discounted other platforms at this stage because of our concerns about reliability and virus outbreaks. We talked with many schools who had trialled a variety of tablets and the overwhelming preference was for the iPad." added Debbi.”

“When we saw the iPad in action at Longfield Academy and had met Stormfront at Bett, we knew that we wanted to use them to help us on our journey to introduce iPads into school.”

St Peter-in-Thanet's next move was to purchase iPad for all teaching staff so they could become familiar with them; in addition staff were offered training on their new devices. Only 10 months later they launched their 1:1 iPad scheme to two year groups working in conjunction with the national charity the e-learning Foundation.

To operate the scheme the school needed to be able to finance the project, so parents were asked for a donation each month over a period of two years," said Debbi. "Once costs are deducted for administration, the charity passes over the donations and gift aid to the school.

“This allows the pupil to take their iPads home as well as use them in school. As a 'donation scheme' this allows us to meet HMRC rules that allow us to reclaim 'Gift Aid' to further support the project.”

In its second year the scheme has been offered to and taken up by around 83% of the new intake of year three pupils. A school bank of iPad are used by pupils who have not joined the scheme.

“We really have come on in leaps and bounds – and a lot of it is down to Stormfront who are efficient, knowledgeable, flexible, very helpful and friendly," said Debbi. "Of course, we have had to invest time and effort but this is far outweighed by the gains for the school in terms of enhanced literacy and numeracy, extended school day learning, web access, better and more cost- effective IT provision, increased motivation and creativity.”

“Feedback from children and staff has been great too; despite the scheme still very much being in its infancy. Over 75% of children from both years have stated that their motivation towards learning has increased as a direct result of being able to use an iPad. Around 90% in both years stated that they enjoyed using the iPad for learning and over 90% of children in year three and almost 70% of children in year five felt that the quality of their work had improved since using an iPad. These are just a few of the many great insights and comments we have received, so it just goes to show that it has been well worth the effort.”

“We don't ever want to stand still again and get left behind and Stormfront has taught us how to avoid that. Our next move is to develop our bank of iPads, purchase additional trolleys, develop home/school learning and increase the amount of staff engaging in CPD.”

Stormfront can advise on how best to purchase, deploy and install apps on your school’s iPads. We can tailor a solution to your needs and assist with the whole process.

Working with hundreds of schools across the UK, Stormfront’s Education Team have the answers to your questions.

We can advise on the implementation of device management for iPad. Manage the installing of apps, access to YouTube as well as centrally configuring network, email and calendar settings.

For further information call us on 0333 00 44 111 or email
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