Apple Watch

Apple Watch service and repairs

We're here to help. Apple-certified repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. And only Apple-certified repairs are backed by Apple.

Apple Watch service and repairs

Our engineers are fully trained to complete a diagnostic check on your Apple Watch and facilitate the repair, but please note that we will need your iPhone to be present at the time of booking in the Apple Watch for service so it can be unpaired from the iPhone which will also trigger a final backup of data from your Apple Watch to the iPhone. This data will be restored to the Apple Watch when repairs are completed, and the devices are repaired.

How much do Apple Watch repairs cost?

Watch Battery Out of warranty repair
Apple Watch Series 0 & 1 £89 £189 / £239
Apple Watch Series 2 £89 £219 / £239
Apple Watch Series 3 £89 £155
Apple Watch Series 4, 5 & 6 £89 £289
Apple Watch SE £89 £209

How long will my Apple Watch take?

Most repairs are completed in 7 - 10 working days. These are approximate time frames; we aim to complete your repair in the timeliest manner possible. There are some exceptions.

About Apple Watch water resistance

Learn about water resistance on your Apple Watch and what to do if your device gets wet.

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Warranty on repairs

All repairs from Stormfront come with a 90-day warranty on the repair or are covered by the remainder of any existing warranty or guarantee, whichever is longer.

Book an appointment for Apple Watch repair

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What device do you have?

Back up your data

Please make sure you have a back-up of your data before your device is handed in for repair. Depending on the service required, data and applications stored on the device will be erased or the device may be replaced. To extent where applicable by law, Stormfront is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any data or consequential loss which may occur as a result of the services we provide.

For advice on how to back-up your device, please see the links below:
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