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We’ve launch Stormfront Learning. Whether you’re tech savvy or a tech novice, Stormfront Learning will ensure you get the most out of your Apple products through our flexible online learning platform, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Personal Trainer

Getting to know your Apple device just got easier.

Receive unlimited friendly and flexible training with one of our experts for just £79 per year.

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Stormfront Personal Trainer

The best way to get to know your Apple device

If you are getting to grips with your first Mac, looking to switch from a PC or ready to take the next step, Personal Trainer is the best way to find out how. Members get access to over 100 hands on sessions with one of our experts in‑store.

How does Personal Trainer work?

Book unlimited courses for a whole year.
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Buy your membership for just £79 per year from any Stormfront store.

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Choose from over 100 one hour sessions and book online.

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Attend your session with your Personal Trainer in store.

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Let's get personal!

With hours of hands on sessions with any of our expert trainers in store, you can learn something new every day.

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for only £79

Book unlimited courses, for a whole year.

With so many sessions to choose from there is something for everyone. Personal Trainer is only £79 for a full year and open to anyone who wants to know more about their Apple device.

Browse through over 100 hours of sessions, pick the one you want and simply book online. Ask as many questions as you need, or follow our session structure, the choice is yours.

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What you'll have access to?

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